A simple guide to start using Jenkins

What is CI? It is a software development practice where developers regularly integrate their code changes into a central repository. Goals: 1- Detect and address integration issues early in the development process. 2- Frequent Code integration. 3- Automated testing. 4- Rapid feedback. 5- Consistent Build process 6- Efficient Deployment Jenkins Type Installations: 1- Install into […]

Transforming UI with AI

Transforming UI with AI: A remote Developer’s Experience with Morean and Evolv.ai By Agustin Mouratoglou, Software Engineer My professional journey with Morean began at Evolv.ai – an AI-driven experimentation and personalization platform that optimizes customer experiences. I’m currently writing this article while visiting Evovl’s offices in Dublin, Ireland, and I have to say, this country […]

From Montottone to Malaga: How Remote Work Transformed My Life

Throughout my professional journey, I have discovered that working from anywhere has given me a sense of independence and flexibility that is priceless. I have 9 years of experience and spent 8 of them in Córdoba (Argentina). Last year, I had the chance to spend almost a year in Montottone, a picturesque and charming Italian […]

My Experience with the Invertiplus Project

A Journey of Collaboration and Growth at Morean by Guillermo Hedzko Introduction In this article, I will share my experience working on a project with Invertiplus, a client seeking to develop a platform for dollar exchange and investment in MEP dollars and CEDEARs for mobile devices. As a develaoper at Morean, I have had the […]

The most useful string functions in GO

The most useful string functions in GO The concept of a string exists in all languages and Golang is not the exception.In this blog, I’m going to show the most useful concepts and functions to work with strings in Golang. Most of the examples will contain tests, you may be more used to using the […]

Everything You Need to Know About React Hooks

Everything You Need to Know About React Hooks One of the best things about React is the use of class and functional components to build websites. Before the introduction of React Hooks, we had to make every class that we wanted to change a state or use a component life cycle method a class component. […]

IT Recruiting & Pandemic: Time to Hire

The impact that COVID-19 has on the whole world is devastating, but there has always been a sector of the economy that had managed every crisis and this is no exception: IT. Companies rely on technology because it is the short term solution that will allow companies to carry on with the day to day […]