From Montottone to Malaga: How Remote Work Transformed My Life

Throughout my professional journey, I have discovered that working from anywhere has given me a sense of independence and flexibility that is priceless. I have 9 years of experience and spent 8 of them in Córdoba (Argentina).

Last year, I had the chance to spend almost a year in Montottone, a picturesque and charming Italian village, while processing my citizenship. There, I was able to immerse myself in the Italian culture while still fulfilling my work responsibilities. The ability to combine my passion for travel with my professional career was truly an enriching experience.

And this year, along with my family, we have decided to venture into the beautiful city of Malaga. Thanks to the flexibility that remote work offers, we were able to make this exciting decision without affecting our work performance. Not only have we enjoyed the incredible beaches, gastronomy, and warm climate, but we have also had the opportunity to immerse ourselves in a new culture and broaden our horizons.

Working from anywhere involves a deep sense of responsibility that I don’t know if I could have managed back then, when I was in a junior stage of my career. Not only are the time zone differences challenges, but also making sure that for the rest of the project team it is as if you are still in the same office building.

The ability to work from anywhere in the world has opened up a range of opportunities, both professionally and personally. It provides us with the freedom to choose where to reside and adapt our lifestyle according to our needs and desires. From avoiding the exhausting daily commute to having the possibility to establish a balance between work and personal life, remote work is truly a privilege.

I want to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to Morean for providing me with the opportunity to work remotely and experience the wonderful freedom it brings.