Transforming UI with AI

Transforming UI with AI: A remote Developer’s Experience with Morean and

By Agustin Mouratoglou, Software Engineer

My professional journey with Morean began at – an AI-driven experimentation and personalization platform that optimizes customer experiences.

I’m currently writing this article while visiting Evovl’s offices in Dublin, Ireland, and I have to say, this country is absolutely beautiful. The Evolv team has been remarkably kind, welcoming, and friendly. I had heard before, and now it’s confirmed, that the beauty of Ireland is not solely found in its stunning landscapes, but also in the authentic warmth and hospitality of its people.

After almost a year staying connected with a globally distributed team through Slack, I have to confess that I start craving meeting the people I work with in person. Just yesterday I had the opportunity to meet these remarkable individuals who bring about extraordinary results through their teamwork, collaboration, and  passion for technology. In light of this experience, I have chosen to compile this article to share a part of my journey.

Imagine that every atom of your digital product, your app, website, or online store: colors, texts, images, layout, interaction: every aspect that makes up a digital experience is submitted/processed by artificial intelligence to test thousands of changes and decide which one is most likely to succeed. It’s an interesting scenario, and indeed, this is being explored in artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to optimize digital experiences. This kind of optimization is called “automated A/B testing” or “multivariate optimization”. Instead of humans crafting and running tests, AI/ML models can create and test hundreds or thousands of variants to find the optimal combination. This method can be used to refine everything from website design, product features, pricing models, to marketing messages. It really does feel a boost of motivation working close to these technologies.

As a front-end developer with a background in UI design, I’ve had the opportunity to see the powerful impact of AI in transforming user interfaces and enriching user experiences.

In today’s digital era, a user-friendly experience can make a significant difference in a business’s online performance and help users achieve their personal goals with a business’s products or services. harnesses AI technologies to optimize user experiences in real-time, conducting extensive tests to increase customer engagement, boost conversion rates, and drive business success.

As I mentioned a few lines before, my role at Morean started with front-end development at I primarily worked on front-end development experiments using JavaScript and CSS in a custom code editor, “The Evolv Web Editor”. This tool allows users to create website variations, which are then optimized by an AI broker for best performance.

This role gave me a unique insight into how even minor changes in a user interface can drastically affect user engagement, satisfaction, and conversion rates.

Recently, I transitioned to work on the development of the Web Editor App itself (a desktop application). 

The Web Editor is a custom IDE with a browser and editing panels for adding blocks of CSS or JS code. Working on both sides of the application — as a user and a developer — provided invaluable insight into the product and greatly influenced my approach to development, encouraging a more pragmatic and user-centric perspective., known for its powerful analytics and AI-driven products, is expanding its services to allow users to create variations of their website pages with the assistance of AI and natural language models.

Observing the rapid integration of AI technologies by to enhance their products has been an inspiring aspect of my journey as a software engineer. Being closely involved with AI-driven tools integrated into a range of products has not only broadened my technical abilities but has also emphasized the vital role of software developers in advancing digital user experiences. It has also made me realize the immense potential of AI in the technology industry.

My experience with Morean and has been incredibly rewarding. It has demonstrated the importance of adaptability in an agile development environment and the vast potential of AI in shaping the digital world. I eagerly anticipate continuing my professional growth and embarking on the next phase of this fascinating journey.