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Truckbase is backed by Boundless venture studio, which specializes in the next generation of vertical SaaS companies and the leaders within them with dedicated teams of engineers, designers and growth professionals. 


 Wonolo empowers the in-demand workforce by democratizing access to flexible work, opportunities to learn new skills, a living wage, and comprehensive portable benefits and perks.


Evolv AI started in 2019 and is the result of a technology spin off from a company that spent the better part of decade as an AI research and development firm. 


Stationwise is a simplified scheduling tool for fire departments.


Variner believes human capital is the differentiating factor in its clients’ success, and are resolute in their approach to identify this talent.


Sonatype is on a mission to enable better and secure solutions that are essential to developers.

Digital House

Digital House is one of the top Latin America education organizations that transforms people’s lives, developing digital skills so that they have an impact on society.


Plus is an Argentine financial company, which offers several services, including: the purchase of Dollar Savings, Dollar MEP, CEDEARs and Cryptocurrencies.


Caleido is a management consulting company that has positioned itself as one of the top organizational coaching companies in Latam.


Fletti is a logistics system that automates daily delivery tasks for various companies, making it easier to deliver products. 

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