/ Variner is a search firm dedicated to discovering best in class intellectual capital in both conventional and unconventional channels. 

About Variner

Caleido is a management consulting company that has positioned itself as one of the top organizational coaching companies in Latam helping fortune 500 companies and its executives through personal and team growth that can be sustained over time.

Our Team

Morean partnership with Variner is in a consulting and Project Outsourcing model, helping in platform requirements analysis development. Our partnership aims to improve not only their mobile application but also their website, making better both the front-end and back-end experiences. At Morean, we collaborate closely with Variner’s IT team, taking advantage of our expertise to propose cutting-edge best practices and key features. 

Morean’s Key Features

They stand out for their culture and relentless focus on continuously training their developers.

Ricardo Cimmino

CEO & CO - Founder