/ The company was founded in 2022 by Marcus, the son of a 2nd generation fire captain, with the mission to help firefighters spend more time doing the work they love and less time with administrative burden.

About Stationwise


  • In service of those who serve
  • Leave the world better than we found it
  • Diverse teams thrive
  • Passion for progress
  • Life above all

Stationwise vision is to help firefighters fight fires, not software.

Our Team

Morean partnership with Stationwise is based on a team augmentation model, focusing on key features for the company and proposing best practices. Also, we focus on React developments for the frontend, Node for the backend and RDS PostgreSQL for the database. We provide value and collaborate with their internal processes along with code, technical analysis and architecture improvements. 

Morean’s Key Features

They stand out for their culture and relentless focus on continuously training their developers.

Ricardo Cimmino

CEO & CO - Founder