Delivery House/PedidosYa

/ The company operates in 40+ countries internationally in Europe, Asia, Latin America and the Middle East and partners with 600,000+ restaurants.

About Pedidos Ya

Delivery Hero processed more than 4 million orders daily and is the largest global food network outside of China. In Latin America it operates under the PedidosYa brand.ย 

Our Team

Morean partnership is based on a project basis, focusing on the first public API for external services to integrate with PedidosYa delivery platform. The idle capacity of the fleet during long part of the day was crucial for the business idea behind it. We accomplished to develop a microservices architecture fully integrated with the current platform in a very short period of time, focusing on scalability and quality of the end product. Technologies used are Kotlin + VertX for reactive architecture, deployed in AWS and taking advantage of multiple services, like DynamoDB, SQS, SNS, Redis and many more to tackle the load such a service will have to cope with.

Moreanโ€™s Key Features

They stand out for their culture and relentless focus on continuously training their developers.

Ricardo Cimmino

CEO & CO - Founder