Examining the Influence of Remote Work in Morean

In recent years, and especially as a result of the pandemic, remote work is no longer something for a few, and has taken on an unprecedented role in the world of technology. Although there are companies that are returning to a hybrid or full face-to-face scheme for various reasons, at Morean we continue to bet on remoteness, seeking to contribute to a good balance between personal and work life, and relying on key values of our culture that are commitment, accountability and transparency.

Our beginnings with 100% face-to-face attendance

Although today it seems unthinkable, Morean, as a company that provides software services, began in its beginnings during 2018 under a 100% face-to-face modality, going to an office located in the microcenter of Buenos Aires every day. At no time was it thought that switching to a remote modality could be a viable option… Until the pandemic arrived and there was no other option. We had to find a way to quickly adapt to the context and find the work methodologies that best suit the moment in order to continue responding to the demands of our clients as we always did.

What do we do to feel close despite the distance?

While we appreciate the benefits of working from anywhere, there’s one thing that mobility hasn’t been able to replace yet, and that’s human contact and face-to-face collaboration. That’s why once a month, we get together in a coworking space to spend the day, and have our “All Hands”. The entire company participates in this meeting, either in person or virtually. It’s our time to keep up to date with the projects each team is working on, share company news and generate more unity among all. Later on a day-to-day basis, everyone is assigned to different clients, and it’s hard to be able to stay in touch, chat and get to know each other a little better. It’s a time to celebrate accomplishments, address challenges, and align visions. In addition, we occasionally invite experts and industry leaders to give inspiring talks and delve into topics that interest us.

Through our general channel on Slack, we also seek to encourage interaction and a sense of belonging by generating games, comments, or various initiatives. They can be anything from weekly challenges to Q&A sessions with prominent team members.

Also for those who want to continue going to a physical place to work and get out of their home, or get together with colleagues, we offer the benefit of booking a place in a cowork, and working from there.


In conclusion, we believe that while remote work may not suit the way all companies and industries work, in the world of technology adopting this modality was a great advantage. In addition to allowing for a better work-life balance, it also allowed us to find talent outside of the big city who didn’t have to relocate to get their dream job. And allowing our talents to work from where they feel most comfortable not only grants them greater autonomy, but also allows them to optimize their time and energy, i.e., greater well-being.