Hello World

Why start a new company?

Rather than joining an existing one, we all know there are great companies out there. 

Over the last 30 years of my professional career I worked for amazing companies and a wonderful non profit organization. I had the opportunity to live in the US for some time, travel the world, get to know incredible people, cultures and business models. During this time,  I also had the honor to partner with Willy Serra @BVision, those were 5 rewarding years with a nice closure when we were acquired by MELI. 

I did all this while raising my beautiful family, building solid lasting friendships and rock climbing in some of the most spectacular places.

But life is what we make with what we have, and mostly the projects ahead not the ones behind, and even though I did some great things I am really proud of, I never started a company from scratch.

My motivation today is behind building a new culture and new company, so here we are, taking the best practices of what I learned over this time, and providing the best service we are capable of to companies around the world. 

I am grateful not to be alone in this new venture we called Morean, Caro & Gaby are great partners that share the same passion and long term goals, both bring their unique skills and knowledge to get the best outcome for our customers and our team. 

We all share a set of values and beliefs for Morean that we are not negotiable and solid base for any start 

  • Doing things right 
  • Taking care of our team 
  • Honoring our commitments 
  • Encouraging research and entrepreneurship
  • Trust and Sincerity 
  • Having fun along the way

This is Morean

Hello World ! & Hello Morean !